About us


What started as an excuse for drinking a couple of beers with a couple of friends, has turned into a monthly get-together for young Hispanics working in Berlin’s technology sector. Since 2013, we have organized 29 meetings. In the beginning, these were simple networking events with the goal of getting to know other Hispanics working in our field. Soon, we realized that the accumulated knowledge of the people in the group would be valuable to others. That was when we started our workshops: to share knowledge and to prevent new entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes that others have already made.


Thus far, more than 700 Hispanics, most of them Spanish, have participated in our workshops. The objectives of our monthly events are:
1.Inspiring the next generation to become entrepreneurs and start their own business projects.
2.Training young people in the different areas needed for the successful completion of a business project.
3.Connecting Hispanics working in the digital sector in Berlin to help them further their career.

Hispanic specialists working in companies and institutions in Berlin give lectures on financing, marketing, technology, human resources and business development. We also offer Hispanics working in new startups or starting their own business the opportunity to present their projects in front of the community and thus receive support, motivation and feedback from experienced peers. We are convinced of the significance our meetings have for the community – and with good reason:

  1. Numerous people have found jobs as a result of networking during one of our events.
  2. Many of the companies that presented their projects have found new clients or multiplied their business.
  3. Several people have found inspiration for new business projects.
  4. Our workshops are the only regular digital and technology sector events held in Spanish in Berlin.


We held the first Hispanic Startups Day in 2015. The event was a success – with more than 20 speakers delivering more than 10 hours of lectures to over 100 participants.
The objective of our conference is more ambitious than that of our monthly meetings. The conference features presentations by renowned entrepreneurs in Europe, America and Asia as well as talks and panels on the Hispanic digital business world. We invite leading Hispanic figures from around the world related to the digital industry to come to Berlin and provide training and inspiring talks during an inspiring day of work and networking for CXOs, managers, experts and visionaries.
Our annual Hispanic Startups Day is an important event for all Hispanics working in the digital sector in Berlin, allowing them to meet and build relationships with like-minded people with whom we share a culture and a language.